Success Stories

Children and Family Circle“Rosalie” was the mother of a toddler enrolled at Children and Family Circle (CFC). She came to us through a referral from Child Protective Services, newly clean and sober, with little education and no job skills. Using the subsidized child care we provided, Rosalie was able to go to counseling and attend computer classes at the adult school. Her child thrived in our care and Rosalie let us know frequently how the program helped change her life. She wanted to give back to CFC, so during breaks from school she would come into the office to do non-confidential clerical work. At the time, CFC had no clerical staff, so her volunteer time was of great benefit to our program!

“Pablo” entered our program at the age of 16 months. He had been diagnosed with developmental delays shortly after birth, and was unable to sit alone or crawl. His teen mother was just starting high school, and was Children and Family Circlehaving difficulty bonding with him. Pablo’s child care provider, who was bilingual and bicultural, worked extensively with both Pablo and his mother. We coordinated services from other programs so that Pablo could receive physical therapy, as well as a therapeutic language evaluation and consultation services right at the child care home. Before Pablo graduated from our program at age 3, he had taken his first steps and was using several words in English and Spanish!

“Mary” was working part-time at a minimum wage job while attending college classes full-time. Mary couldn’t afford consistent, quality care for her son, “Jack”, so she frequently left him in the care of friends, neighbors, or family members – who ever she could find. One time she was even forced to leave Jack in her car while she covered the night shift at work. Jack’s behavior was suffering. He cried a lot and would hit his mother when she tried to leave for work. Last spring we were able to enroll Jack in our program. Jack Children and Family Circlecontinued to act out at first and we weren’t sure he would be able to make the transition. But within about three weeks, Jack began to feel secure in his new placement. He bonded with his provider and started to enjoy the daily activities at the child care home. Both Jack and Mary are now happy and thriving.

Above are just a few of the children and families CFC has been able to assist since 1978. We currently have enough funding to provide care for about 125 children each year. Unfortunately, hundreds more kids are waiting for our services. Find out how you can help!

CFC relies on grants and donations to provide much-needed subsidized child care for eligible families.

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